UM Company Nurse

Responsible for the health and safety of workers at the University and in-charge of incorporating health promotion strategies to minimize accidents and teach workers about ways to be more responsible in the workplace in accordance with established safety and health standards of the University.

Contact me: (082) 221-0460 (HRMD)


To promote and maintain the health and well-being of the University of Mindanao employees through professional nursing care and health education.


To be a leader in employee health and wellness, recognized for providing exceptional nursing services that enhance the productivity and overall quality of life for the University of Mindanao employees.

The core functions of the Company Nurse are highly necessary to give direct and immediate services, to wit:

1. Provides first-aid care to the employees if they become ill in the workplace or victims of injuries, and if condition worsens, call for ambulance so they can be admitted to a hospital;

2. Assesses the safety standard of the university and see if any work conditions for the employees are hazardous and recommends strategies to ensure an accident-free environment;

3. Counsels employees if they are not in good mental condition to work.

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