Lactation room

The Center for Health Services is proud to offer a lactation room for nursing mothers who are inside the university premises. We understand the importance of providing a comfortable and safe space for nursing mothers to take care of their needs while on campus.
Our lactation room is designed to provide the necessary privacy and comfort for nursing mothers. The room is equipped with a personal lavatory, disinfecting solutions, and a breast pump, to ensure a clean and safe environment for mothers and their babies. Additionally, there is a refrigerator to safely store milk for later use.
We know that nursing mothers may face challenges while balancing their work and caregiving responsibilities, which is why we have made it a priority to provide them with a space that meets their needs. Our lactation room is a place where they can relax and take care of their little ones without any worries.
The lactation room is located inside the Center for Health Services, making it accessible to nursing mothers who are inside the university premises. We aim to support nursing mothers and make their experience on campus a positive one.

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